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IAP internet access

Hi there,


If you provision the AP by Mac authentication on Cloud central, then deploy it to a remote site, and connect it to a spare port on a switch with internet access, will that be enough for the AP to get authenticate back to Cloud Central???


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Re: IAP internet access

That is the idea of the cloud..  Yes...

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Re: IAP internet access

Thanks for all your help.


I am still having problems at the moment. I have 2 or 3 questions that hopefully you can help me with.


1: The AP needs to get an IP I assume?? So do I have to configure this on a switch (DHCP Pool)?


2: I am setting up the Aruba Central which I need as our company login which we then look after other customers from that. So, do I need a license to set up Aruba Central for our management (my company) then put each customer we look after into their own group which they get licenses for there own APs?


I am having trouble just getting the first AP up and running..


Any and all help much appreciated.


Kindest regards


Re: IAP internet access

1. The IAP needs to have connectivity to internet. That means having a valid IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server.


2. Additionally UDP 123 should work, so IAP can fix its time and do SSL authentication with Central. With latest codes, however this is not a problem.


3. You have to decide if you have to work in MSP mode or non MSP mode. Accordingly we can help you answer the licensing question. 

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