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IAP issues after power outage

I have 16 IAP 105.


There was a power outage in the building.  The server room stayed up on UPS. with 2 IAP's connected to the core switches.  When the 2 IDF's came back online.  The network was flooded with IP address flapping from the VC.  The local support was able to login to the VC and reboot all the AP's.  Once we rebooted all the AP's the network flood stopped. 


This has happened twice.  Any one hear of this issue? 



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2013-04-19 06:34:51 PDT

Re: IAP issues after power outage

We had a similar issue. Fixed it by shutting inline power down for all iAP and then bringing just one up. Once it was stable, we brought the others up. We were on older code (, and have since upgraded to newer code (

We've had power bounce at other locations and not had this happen (on the same code rev) so I don't think it's a "normal" failure mode, but certainly vexing.


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Re: IAP issues after power outage

Here is an update from working with Tac.


We have turned on Broadcast filtering for each SSId.


Edit the SSID. 

Select Show advanced options

Under Broadcast/Multicast

Broadcast filtering:  Set to Arp.


This should help with broadcast storms.


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Re: IAP issues after power outage

Since turning on broadcast control on the AP's we are still getting device flapping between devices.  Cisco TAC has made changes to the network to control to flow of traffic with out any luck.  They are now looking at the Aruba as the root cause.


See the attached image.


Has any one seen this before?

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Re: IAP issues after power outage

1. Cisco team setup Spanning Tree, broadcast and storm control for the trunk ports to the MDF'S that have the IAP 105's on them.

2. When new cisco 2960 S PoE was installed.  The PoE injectors were not removed.  When the 4 AP's on the same switch would lose it's LAN connection the 4 AP's would go into bridge mode and storm the network.  Once the PoE injectors were removed.  We could not recreate the issue.

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