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IAP lost ability to HTTP fingerprint OS

Hi All,


I recently updated my instant wifi network (three IAP-105s) to and lost the ability to HTTP fingerprint the OS of any device connected. In the Client Info, I was previously able to see iPhone, Win7, Android, etc next to the OS: before the firmware update. Now all I see is OS: - - with no entry for any device connected. I understand that the VC reads the HTTP header user-agent string once a web session is opened to get the info. I am not sure where that data is cached or why it isn't being displayed any longer. 


I set up a role for iOS with a DHCP fingerprint and I was able to detect which devices were iOS-based, but I don't have a need for rule-based assignments and found the Client Info OS: data to meet my needs at this time. Is everyone else able to detect the OS of connected devices under the latest firmware? Any advice or information you can share is appreciated...


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