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IAP management traffic

Hey all,


Trying to find out how much management traffic, in kbps each IAP  or Virtual Controller sends back to Airwave (assume i am using Airwave to manage and monitor my IAPs).    Looking at 2 IAPs per site and a total of 200 sites to start.   Approx 40 users per site.


More less trying to size a circuit needed to handle this traffic.





Re: IAP management traffic


  • I don't have a direct answer to give you but,I would probably set up a small and just run the a POC queries to see what kind of load it produces.  I doubt it will be as significant as you think it will be.
  • Virtual controller Communication via HTTPS:

    Port tcp 443

    Because Aruba Instant devices may be deployed behind NAT-enabled firewalls,
    Virtual Controllers push data to AMP via HTTPS. AMP initiates no connections to Aruba Instant devices via
    SNMP, TFTP, SSH, and the like. This enables quick remote setup without having to modify firewall rules.

Have a lovely week.( Hope to someone will already calculate this/or have the need numbers  and will tell you the numbers your a looking for :) )







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Re: IAP management traffic

I realized that I've never looked at the data stream, so I had to go look.

One of our stores (110 for those keeping track) exchanged 144KB in 48 minutes, for a whopping 3KB per minute.




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