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IAP's using rogue DHCP Server to hand out IP addresses

I have both IAP 135 and IAP 205's.  Using the utility DHCP Find it shows the AP's using a DCHP server to hand out ip addresses.  According to the Whois website this is a Starbucks address. 


It often hands out correct addresses on my subnet but it also hands out many that are not,  causing major connectivity problems.  What might I have in the settings to cause this?  I have each one of them set with static addresses.  Please help!  It seems to have started happening after I added the 205's. 



Re: IAP's using rogue DHCP Server to hand out IP addresses

Do you have any DHCP configuration in your IAP? When you say "it hands out", are you referring to a DHCP server within your network? Is this the same DHCP server which is giving a management address for the IAP, overriding your static assignment?


When you view the configuration of the clients with the problem, do they have the statically set DHCP server in their configuraiton or is it the rogue one?


Have you investigated your LAN to determine what this rogue DHCP server is? Try running a Wireshark capture to view the DHCP Discover packets.

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