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Re: IAP source NAT

In source-natting, the outside "public" ip address is considered the ip address that all of the traffic is natted out of.  The inside  "private" address is considered the ip addresses that are natted.  It is not related to how  you designate your specific ip address ranges.  Again, this is not specific to Aruba, this is how source-natting works.

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Re: IAP source NAT

Thanks Joseph. That's exactly what I understand about source nat. So in my case, how is IAP source-natting since VC IP is private aswell? 

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Re: IAP source NAT

Any update?

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Re: IAP source NAT

You should consider the VC IP address as the 'outside' portion of the source NAT, and the magic VLAN as the 'inside' portion of the source NAT.  

As traffic then makes it's way to the internet, your internet router / firewall will again source NAT the traffic onto the internet.  This is why you are seeing the same public IP for both your corporate and magic VLAN traffic.

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