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IAP to AP Basic Ap and controller setup

Hi All,


I am configuring controller based wireless solution.  I am having 6 IAP 105 and a 620 controller.


First I connected all  IAPs to controller ( no uplink to controller), controller has DHCP server network.Then from GUI of IAP - Virtual Controller 

I selected CONVERT tab and put IP of controller..after that all IAPs are converted to Controller managed campus AP.


Q.1 while connecting IAPs what if i connect all IAPs at a time..? will there be  any issue of  virtual controller selection..?


Now I  have APs (Converted version of IAPs) having controller  IP as as they have got IP from Controller DHCP.


I changed controller IP to and connected the Uplink to network switch..our network is flat network with only VLAN 1 and network has DHCP server. after that I connected all APs to controller directly but they didnt come up...Q.2  Is this Normal.  

Then I factory_reset all APs..on virtual controller-iap GUI I did the same conversion thing now with controller IP as


All aps are up with controller but after 10-12 hours 2 of them stopped working..I dont know what has happened as no config changes are done...APs are rebooting to troubleshoot this  as I controller GUI showing APs as down.

I have got logs.tar file from controller...what might be the cause of this issue...???





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Re: IAP to AP Basic Ap and controller setup

There are quite a few variables in your deployment.  You can open a case with support, so that you can get this resolved as quickly as possible, or we can try to troubleshoot pieces here.


Unfortunately, your logs.tar has too much personal information to post here, so we would probably advise that you go the support route...


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