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IAP to Clearpass configuration help

I am looking for a solution to the following problem:


My guest SSID vlan is fed by a cablem modem and therefore is not routable by the corporate network.  Because of this, there is no way for a guest user to access a captive portal page hosted via clearpass.  I get around this on my campus network by building a layer 3 GRE tunnel from the controller to clearpass.  I am looking for a similar solution for IAP to clearpass for my remote sites.  I see that IAP supports GRE but it appears this is only a layer 2 tunnel.  Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Re: IAP to Clearpass configuration help

Make your ClearPass box a public page, so that all of your clients can access it.

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Re: IAP to Clearpass configuration help

I assume you are saying publish the portal page to the internet which is not really an option.

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