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IAP with 3G/4G cards



I have a question regarding the Master election protocol. Why the IAP with 3G/4G cards is preferred during the master election? I do not understand it because when the ethernet port will fail and 3G/4G connection will start working. Then the IAP master will be at diffrent subnet so it can not manage other IAP which belong to this cluster. Thanks in advance for response!




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Re: IAP with 3G/4G cards

Hi Friend,


Here uplink doen't mean that the port connected to the access switch, it means, the internet uplink ( Gateway ) . when it couldn't couldn't hear heart beats from the ISP IAP will switch to the 3G/4G if available but still connectivity with the access switch where other IAPs connected should exist.


bottom line is, IAP with 3g/4g will be the priority but it will form cluster with the subnet where it is connected to the access switch (VLAN). we are giving priority due to the Internet link failover.


hope you got some clarity, please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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