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IAP with Airwave config

I am trying to do the following and I"m just able to make it work.


I have an Airwave server on the netwrok.

I have an IAP cluster on a subnet of the network

I have the IAP joined to the Airwave


and this is where i'm having trouble.


I would like to have the Airwave take a copy of the original IAP config and use this as a baseline (I think i have this done)

I would then like to bring up a new IAP cluster on another subnet. Join this cluster to Airwave and then have Airwave push the "baseline" config to the cluster. (can not get this to work)


Have never done this before and I'm sure i'm doing something wrong because I believe Airwave can do this.


I would also like to make changes to the IAP configuration within Airwave and then have it push it out to all my clusters.


I've seen a few guides on this and I believe I have done what they want me to do but still not working. 


I have the IAP's in read write mode. I have the default template matching the first cluster config with a Good verified config.


Any help or suggestions would be great.


Thanks !!






Re: IAP with Airwave config

You are right on the money that Airwave can do this. Generally my provisioning steps for a new IAP deployment with Airwave is as follows:


1) Bring up my lab IAP with my initial config that I wish to serve as the baseline.

2) Manually connect the 1st IAP to airwave with the appropriate group/organizational string. When you do this, Airwave will automatically import the template configuration which will subsequently be used to push to your other devices.

3) Create my provisioning rules in Aruba Activate which will direct new IAP's to Airwave for their provisioning guidance once they have a valid uplink. (Note if you aren't using Aruba Activate, this is a free service that enables the zero touch provisioning - can provide some detail of you are new to it)

4) Test configuration/firmware push - either with a new site, or a defaulted IAP.

5) Make any modifications to the config, test, repeat!


If you've already got the IAP's live on Airwave, you'd need to move them to the group you'd setup with the corresponding configuration and have them sync the config and check for errors. Note there is a slight lag in feature parity between GA IAP code and what is supported in Airwave so if you're looking to enable GA code feature sets, there is likely to be some mismatches as some of the variables are not yet supported.


Note in current 7.7.5 Airwave code, you can now enable the IAP Gui Config and do this from the familiar IAP Setup screen.


All this to say you are 90% of the way there! Do let us know you're versions of IAP and Airwave if you need so more help.

Cheers, Adam

| Adam Kennedy, Systems Engineer -

| Service Providers – Aruba, an HPE Company

| Twitter: @adam8021x | Airheads: akennedy
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Re: IAP with Airwave config

You stated....


"2) Manually connect the 1st IAP to airwave with the appropriate group/organizational string."


Not sure I'm doing this step correctly because I don 't remember putting in any string. Can you expand on this? 



I was able to import the config from the IAP and make that the default template but when I loaded in the next cluster it looks like it made another template with the same exact name with it's config instead of using the original.


Thanks for the help.






Re: IAP with Airwave config

You bet! When you have your IAP config all good to go, you can point it to your AirWave Server via the settings and admin tab.


By specifying the "organizational" string, it will create a new group in your Airwave server from which the template will get imported to. This will be the template that is subsequently used to push to the following IAP's when they check into Airwave for provisioning.




I've also attached the 'deploying intstant with airwave' doc which has this step (page 4) as well as a horde of other good detail to get this working as you desire.


Cheers! Adam

| Adam Kennedy, Systems Engineer -

| Service Providers – Aruba, an HPE Company

| Twitter: @adam8021x | Airheads: akennedy
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Re: IAP with Airwave config

OK...  so let me see if I have this right then....    (I will test in a little while once my sales guy gets back with my IAP's)



I have one cluster with virtual controller address of This is my template that I have imported into Airwave already and cluster is in read/write mode with verified config. When I added this cluster to Airwave I put in "Corporate" in the organization field.


So if I"m understanding this right......


Now I want to add a branch office cluster to Airwave. I want all the same SSID's and programing. This cluster virtual is at When I add it to airwave I should put "Corporate" in the organization field. That way it will use the corporate template.correct?


What about the virtual IP addresses being different? Will it over write the IP's as well because that would be a problem.


The big thing I'm trying to accomplish is a push of ssid's and mac-address entries into the internal database because they use mac authentication.


Re: IAP with Airwave config

When you add the new cluster, put it into the same Organization (Corporate) and the same template will be applied.

The IP address you use for the VC is a field on the management page for the VC in airwave. Each VC gets a unique IP address and the template will pull that IP in when Airwave builds the configuration.


I use Organization strings like: Stores:001 and Airwave sets up nested folders, Stores is the master folder where the template lives, and 001, 002, 003, etc are sub-folders where the VC and cluster iAPs live.


One template at the top informs the configuration of 60 or so stores (over 600 iAP)


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