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IAP with Clearpass for Guest Access Issue

Cluster of 3 IAP's providing employee wireless as well as guest wifi.  Guest access is configured to redirect clients to a captive portal page configured on clearpass for radius auth.  have this EXACT setup in 5 other branch offices with no issues.. and this has been working for about a year and all of a sudden the clients are not being redirected anymore.. just in this office.  IE error page cannot be displayed.  The clients are able to manually get to the URL.. I have the IP address configured, so dont think its a DNS issue.  they are gettinga valid IP from the DHCP pool. can ping the gateway.. can resolve nslookups.. I have restarted all IAP105's in the cluster.. have restarted the clearpass server.  re-entered the shared secret everywhere.. I do see an error in the clearpass system logs regarding one of the AP's in the cluster that is affected. "request failed: error reading the headers"

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Re: IAP with Clearpass for Guest Access Issue

restarted DNS on the local DC resolved issue.  DNS after all :)

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