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IAP with Juniper SRX240 firewall

I am trying to set up a very small wireless network, using three IAP-105 access points and a Juniper SRX240 firewall. I have set up three VLANs on the SRX (VLAN 1,2, and 3) and trunked them on the ports that the APs are plugged into. The native VLAN on the firewall is VLAN 1 and the firewall is providing DHCP services to both the APs and the client PCs. 12v Air Compressor I am able to get the first AP to come up and advertise the WLANs that I have configured. I am able to browse to the management interface on the master AP via the advertised WLAN. The APs appear to be getting an IP address in the correct VLAN from the firewall as evidenced by the ARP table on the firewall. And I am able to attach to each of the SSIDs and get an IP address in the correct subnet/VLAN. But when I plug in the second AP it doesn't appear to connect to the master and the 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n lights on the second AP are amber (radio enabled in WLAN mode). Has anybody ever done this sort of configuration, or have any clue as to why the APs can't seem to interact properly? Regards.

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Re: IAP with Juniper SRX240 firewall

What is not fully clear, is if you connected the APs directly to the firewall. If so, make sure that there is full open traffic on the native VLAN between the different ports.


From the description, it looks like the ports are blocking traffic between the Instant APs.


Connecting a serial console to the APs, and see what is outputted there, may provide some additional information on which direction to check.


Another stupid question would be to see if there are enough IP addresses available in the native VLAN. If the AP can't get an IP, it should be visible on the serial console as well.

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