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IAP with Local,L3 DHCP


First of all, I´m really newbe in Aruba. I´m testing an IAP in my house and I have some problems trying to achieve intenet access for the IPA clients, so I explain the context:

- I have a cable router connected to internet and an internal net (, in that internat net I have connected the IAP. 

- In the IAP I have created a "Local,L3" DHCP scope ( and associated it to the VLAN 2

- I have created an employee SSID and I have associated the VLAN 2 to that SSID.

- I connect a client to that SSID and get and ip address from the VLAN 2 scope.

- I try to access to internet (through the cable router of course) but it fail, even I can´t ping another device in the net.

- If I associate the VLAN 1 to the SSID instead of the VLAN 2 I can access to internet.


I´m really missed and I don´t know what coud I be doing wrong. As I understand, "Local,L3" should be routing my VLAN 2.


Please, could you help me. Thanks a lot.

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Re: IAP with Local,L3 DHCP



Is vlan 2 on the uplink and is routing provided? Did you also check for any firewall settings blocking traffic between vlans?


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