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IAP103 Cluster Syslog not sending messages in proper format



I have an Aruba controller site that I'm migrating to an IAP 103 cluster with 6 AP's.  I had the controller logging Syslog to our SIEM.  I set the IAP's to send syslog messages to the same server but I was getting strange results.   When I captured the raw syslog messages to another server, I found that some of the messages weren't being sent.

Here is a snippet of the log

Jan 28 00:06:54 2015 stm[1501]: <124006> <WARN> < 94:B4:0F:C3:F4:00> UDP srcip= srcport=137 dstip= dstport=137, action=deny
Jan 28 00:07:00 2015 < 94:B4:0F:C3:F4:DC> syslog: ntpclient(rfc1305print:297): set time from 1422421620.872903 to 1422421620.945485(reference: 3631410395.0347201720, originate: 3631410420.3743673874, receive: 3631410420.4062348431, transmit: 3631410420.4062348431, our-recv: 3631410420.3749076943).
Jan 28 00:07:14 2015 cli[1487]: <341004> <WARN> < 94:B4:0F:C3:F4:00> apprf: send data to server.

As you can see the middle one had a different format and its throwing off the SIEM.


My IAP's are ArubaOS (MODEL: 103), Version

and the logging is 

syslog-level warn ap-debug
syslog-level warn network
syslog-level debug security
syslog-level warn system
syslog-level warn user
syslog-level warn user-debug
syslog-level warn wireless


Any Ideas.  I was going to open up a TAC case just in case this is a bug, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a config issue before.




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