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IAP135 Versus IAP115

Spec for spec, what are the hardware differences between the IAP135 and the newer 115 series.

They both support same/similar speeds.


Not sure if the 135 will still be more ~dense~ than the 115, and is the 135 somewhere in between the ~225 / 115~ current lineup.


We are currently going through some upgrades. I have some locations where I feel the 135 is just ~fine~  without warranting swapping them out.

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Re: IAP135 Versus IAP115

The IAP135 has two ethernet ports and is as far as I known more suite able for high density. Speeds are the same, the 115 has slightly stronger antenna's. Don't know about cpu, I expect the 135 to have a more powerful cpu, and more memory to support more clients.
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Re: IAP135 Versus IAP115

I forgot about the dual interfaces. Not as if I have come close to oversaturating the single in our current setups.



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Re: IAP135 Versus IAP115

Have you considered the 2 and 3 series instead? Doesn't really make sense to deploy new 11n APs at this point. The 135 and 115 are getting pretty old.

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Re: IAP135 Versus IAP115

A majority of our new / and  proposed AP's are the 2 series. Where I have the 135's right , it's mainly in area's where there the load is minimal, clients connecting to it primarily are mobile devices , so it's not really loading it up at all.


From a money standpoint, even if I do replace these EOL 13X series, I would just replace them with a 115. However, I don't see if there is any benefit upgrading them...these 13X just won't die ;-/

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