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IAP135 and IAP335 in the same subnet, cluster possible?



We have some IAP135 (Dell branded, software version and some brand new Aruba IAP335 ones :)


The IAP135 is forming an instant cluster, and the question is if it is possible to connect the IAP335 to it (all APs need to be placed into the same subnet)?


If not, can the IAP335 form an own instant cluster inside the same L2 subnet without having to fear for issues (i know that the roaming only works properly within the same instant cluster)?




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Re: IAP135 and IAP335 in the same subnet, cluster possible?

We honestly don't test for that extreme scenario, so the answer is "we don't know"...

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Re: IAP135 and IAP335 in the same subnet, cluster possible?

That will not work for two reasons:

- Different branded Instant APs will not cluster (Dell, Aruba) as clustering requires the same firmware and you cannot install Aruba firmware on Dell APs.

- Cluster requires the same firmware, and the IAP-135 will go up to Instant 4.2.x, where the IAP-335 will require Instant 4.3.x as the minimum release.


You cannot have two different (version) clusters in the same L2 subnet, unless you have a single AP and can convert that to 'standalone'. 

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