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IAP205 Placement, 1 IAP205 to cover 3 floors

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I am trying to place 1 access point to cover 3 floors, The environment is a warehouse where the majority is just a ground floor, but along a wall there are three floors of offices. The bottom\ground is a lab, the second floor is made of up 5 offices spread between 70x15 feet, and the top floor is about 45x10 feet. I am wondering if i place an IAP205 on the drop ceiling rails in the middle of the second floor, will it reach up above to the third floor? Does the signal propagate towards the back of an IAP205?


Re: IAP205 Placement, 1 IAP205 to cover 3 floors

No, they are omni down-tilt with no usable back bleed. Warehouses can be tricky. Have you considered doing a full RF survey?

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Re: IAP205 Placement, 1 IAP205 to cover 3 floors

Are you trying to provide WLAN to the warehouse as well, or just the stacked office-spaces?


What are the walls dividing the offices from the warehouse made of? It might work to mount the AP on the ceiling of the warehouse 20-30 feet away from the offices and have the signale cover the office areas through the walls.


We provide service to offices on two floors that way in our stores, but the offices are open to the store, or have large windows looking out on the store. Also speed expectations are low.




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