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IAP207 - Virtual Cluster limits



1) Can someone confirm if there are any limits or best practices for max. number of IAP207 in a virtual cluster ? I have heard that best practice is max. of 40 (not 128) for this AP and that there are some issues. Any feedback on that ?

2) I can understand that IAP207 is not the best performant AP but i was thinking on using it for a hotel. 90x IAP207 and 2x IAP225 for the Master. In the hotel configuration there should be no more than 5 devices per AP so no traffic impact.  If there's no issues with IAP207 i see this configuration aligned with best practices and guidelines

3) Regarding point 2) i'm thinking for the Master to use the 225 instead of 325 since same series, also AC, altough 325 should be more performant. Any recommendation ? 225 or 325 as master with all others 207 ?

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Re: IAP207 - Virtual Cluster limits

Aruba recommends you should not exceed 128 AP's in a single cluster, even though this is not a hard limit.


The reason for that is that every cluster is configured within the same layer 2 broadcast domain. When you have a very crowded network, you might want to consider using less AP's in that cluster and use Layer 3 mobility between the clusters if needed.



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Re: IAP207 - Virtual Cluster limits

I'm aware of that limit but it "seems" that IAP207, specifically this one, have some problems for clusters above 40x AP's.

Anyone have additional feedback regarding this specific AP and can answer my specific questions?

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