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IAP225: How to protect 3rd-party SSID's.



Is there anyway we can configure set of SSID's to be protected when enabling IPS(Intrusion protection system) feature in Aruba? We are using controller-less standalone IAP's in our network.


Our goal is to extend IDS/IPS to other SSID's broadcasted by 3rd-party AP's. To achieve this, we should be able to configure the 3rd-party SSID's in Aruba instant and mark them as valid SSID's.



The CLI command does not allow me to specify the SSID's(i.e 3rd-party ssid). Instead, we have an option to enable the feature and I believe, only the SSID's configured in Aruba are protected with this.


    18:64:72:c8:50:d2 (IDS) # protect-ssid ?


     18:64:72:c8:50:d2 (IDS) #


Please let me know if there is anyway we can configure other SSID's to add them under protected ssid list. 


Thanks in advance.




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