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IAP3 with Huawei E160 dongle

Hi Guys,


I'm trying to get an IAP3 working with a E160 dongle in the UK on O2 but seem to be having a problem with it.

Is there a specified firmware version that I need to use on the dongle.

I have tried entering the info from the below but when i plug in the dongle the aruba just keeps rebooting.

The Aruba is using FW 6.2.1




usb_user=O2web usb_passwd=password usb_type=option (2)


usb_dial=ATDT*99***1# usb_init=AT+CGDCONT=1,'IP',''


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Re: IAP3 with Huawei E160 dongle


Please try to connect your modem to PC or (best option) to Linux. Then check USB Device ID. Sometimes modem vendors change ID parameters. I had the same with E173. 


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Re: IAP3 with Huawei E160 dongle

when i check the diagnostics for the modem it says its deffinitely an E160 Revision 11.609.10.02.432

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Re: IAP3 with Huawei E160 dongle

Hi marqs,


you have your e173 settings by hand , have also some o2 branded one now with huawei firmware , still in hybrid mode. im digging into another 3G modem parameters document too , see attached - this is suitable to the other one you posted.




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