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IAP93 firmware compatibility

Hi all,


I'm trying to set a VPN IPsec tunnel between an IAP93 (end of life) and an Aruba Mobility controller 3200XM. I've installed the firmware version on the IAP. the issue i have is:

 i configure an SSID with the ip addresses being given by the "network" on vlan xxx, but when i look at the dashboard i see that the SSID is configured with another configuration (ip addresses handled by "mobility virtual manager" and no vlan). it is like that the configuration is not applied. Also, i can't access the IAP via SSH or Telnet, just the serial port.


Do you think that the firmware version i've installed can cause this kind of trouble?

Does anyone knows what are the command to fully configure the SSID?


Many thanks guys!

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Re: IAP93 firmware compatibility

Check to see that Terminal Access is enabled:





Check your SSID configuration to see how the IP is being assigned:




Re: IAP93 firmware compatibility

I just threw an iAP93 into my lab with the 105 and 275.  Took it longer than I'd expected to get the upgrade to, but it's joined the cluster and got a clinet on the correct SSID.

Not a conclusive test of anything, but it does seem that the code works on the iAP93.


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Re: IAP93 firmware compatibility

thanks guys,


i'll check my settings regarding CLI access.


Marcus: regarding the SSID, actually i really changed the configuration as showed in the picture, but, as i said, after selecting "client ip assignement = Network assigned" and finishing the wizard. here's what i see on the dashboard (picture attached). the consequence is that i can't get an ip address from my DHCP server.



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