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IAPs across WAN

Hello all, new to the Aruba world.  I have 3 IAP-205-US in my Ohio location and all work great.  Just added the 3rd today and the Virtual Controller did it's job and SSISDs, etc. all are fine.  Now I am traveling to oue Michigan location and would like to place the 1st IAP-205 there.  Sites are connected by a PNT circuit and are in different subnets.  It has ben suggested that I can make use of the Virtual Controller IP field, gateway, subnet and the VC VLAN setting in the advanced section of the system settings to allow the new IAP in Michgan be controlled by the VC in Ohio.  Can anyone clarify that this will work, and maybe suggest the settings I need to make it work?  I assume if I create a VC VLAN it needs to be a VLAN that is not in use on my LAN/WLAN and also create that same VLAN # on my switches?

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Re: IAPs across WAN

If there is L2 adjacency, it will work, however, it is not recommended to
span IAP clusters across remote sites. They are designed to be flexible and
cluster in each location.

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Re: IAPs across WAN

Thanks, I will more than likely go that route tomorrow morning then, is it possible to export a config from my Ohio cluster, edit it for my Michigan cluster and then import it?  I ue the same SSID setups at all my locations.


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Re: IAPs across WAN

Yes, that is possible. You can export and restore from the maintenance window. I do think you'll need to export without per-ap settings as those are defined based on mac-address and that won't match.

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