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IAPs changing the IP Address of the Virtual Controller IP Address arbitrarily

Hello All,


I have a deployment of IAPs spread across different floors on different Subnets.


So for this deployment I had to enable L3 Mobility as this deployment has 4 different VCs.


However, we also deployed an Airwave Server (in Read-only Mode) but generating Mismatch Errors which we are working with Aruba to resolve.


We noticed that since we deployed the Airwave Server, we've been having the IAPs changing their VC Ip Address.


For example, the IAPs on the 1st Floor take up the VC IP Address of the 3rd Floor.


Not sure if this has to do with the Airwave Server or that we are doing L3 Mobility where each VC knows about other VCs on the Instant Network.


Has anyone seen this?



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