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IGMP Snooping , disable ? Deny igmp

Hi , just saw this in my local firewall log , Virtual Controller IP is in a complete other subnet , sorry im not familiar with that igmp snooping , any idea how to disable this, i expect this is useless in my setup if default controller IP is snooping every 2minutes and waste my firewall log ;-)


im on , lets see how it evolves on later today, 




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Re: IGMP Snooping , disable ? Deny igmp



Is Airgroup enabled in your VC ? if yes disable it.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: IGMP Snooping , disable ? Deny igmp

as far as i know -> not , cause never used airgroup and never had intention to use it at my home-setup . 

my VC setup consists of IAP105 + IAP135 , both running on now and it seems the 172.31 igmp's are stopped since upgrading from -> yesterday.


still seeing other igmp's but have to identify if this is source of one of the IAP's 

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