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INSTANT APs Network Problem

Hello Everyone,My problem is like this(by the way i'm sorry,i'm junior);

I have a hotel project and we have 8 IAPs in here.

4 IAPs is working but,4 APs doesn't work.I checked IPs from switch and i saw that some IAPs on 192.168.1 block,some IAPs on 192.168.2 block.

IAP's IPs coming from "hotspot device" and it's not on my side.

So,can i fix this problem from virtual controller of master IAP ? or what should i do about it ? Thank you so much.


Re: INSTANT APs Network Problem

For a virtual controller cluster; all IAPs must be on the same L2 network; in your case 4 will see eachother; and the other 4 should see eachother; but as separate clusters.



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Re: INSTANT APs Network Problem

The first reply is correct, all the APs need to be on the same VLAN for them to join the iAP network.


Depending on what you are trying to do, you could have a seperate WLAN (per floor maybe?) and then use L3 Mobility to allow clients to roam between the networks.


Good luck



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