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Iap start in monitor mode



I deploy a wifi network of 85 iap-205 where voice over wifi is functionning.


I just have 2 access points which is booting on monitor mode (even it's not configured). I check on log and on arm, and I don't see anything to explain they don't start in access mode.


How I can check the reason why the ap is on monitor mode?




Re: Iap start in monitor mode

I'll join this thread.

We have a 45-day old iAP cluster with 48 iAP305/365 in one of our warehouses.

Other times I have looked at the AP list in the VC GUI and not noticed anything amiss, but I wasn't looking for APs in monitor mode, so I don't know when they stared.

Yesterday I received complaints of poor coverage in a particular area of our warehouse.

I looked at the AP list and noticed that the two APs in that area were both in monitor mode - which would result in poor coverage:


Yesterday AP 50 and 51 were in monitor mode so I rebooted them, today just 51 is in monitor mode.

What causes them to do that, how can I control it?


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Re: Iap start in monitor mode

Hi Matthew,


My problem was withe 2 iap with the same ip address. But you can also have this problem when the channels are full.

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