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InTRA cluster communication

Hi Guys,


Can someone enlight me how is communication between IAPs inside cluster organized?

Does it use L2 or L3 multicast? If L3 is used, what is registration ip address?

Any official doc describing it?


Thank you!

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Re: InTRA cluster communication

Have a look at the attached VRD, this is detailed in greater depth allong with packet anaysis.


There are two major types of communication between APs in a cluster:


- L2 Broadcast messages for cluster maintenance and roaming


Master AP sends out a Layer 2 “beacon” message every second to notify that the master AP is currently active. This helps in new APs discovering the master and join the cluster & existing APs detecting master failover and take over as master of cluster.


- L3 unicast messages between IAPs (master and slave)


UDP messages on port 8211 between master and slave APs for config sync, firmware upgrade and control-plane messaging between APs.


Link to the VRD

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Re: InTRA cluster communication

Iap clustered APs must all be in the same l2 domain
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