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Inactive ports after RAP-155 conversion

Recently we upgraded our controllers from OS version to


Before, we have only been using RAP-2 access points as RAP's. Since the EOL of that model was announced, we decided to implement the RAP-155's. In our test environment, we have been able to successfully convert a RAP-155 from IAP to RAP, however, once converted, only ports 0/0 and 0/1 are active.


Is it possible to have ports 0/2, 0/3 & 0/4 active ? If so can someone please shed some light on how I should proceed with that?


Any and all responses are welcomed and appreciated. 

Re: Inactive ports after RAP-155 conversion

In your AP Group --> Ap System Profile, you have the option to configure the other ports.  Please reference the Remote AP Validated Reference Design for more info on configuration:


Screenshot 2014-06-16 21.18.36.png

Seth R. Fiermonti
Consulting Systems Engineer - ACCX, ACDX, ACMX
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Re: Inactive ports after RAP-155 conversion

Thank much Seth


Just  made the changes and tested it, works like a charm.


Kudos dude.

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