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Inquiry about Power Injector



Currently i installed 6 IAP 225 in my client campus, due to the server room that connected to 4 among that 6 IAP does not have any POE+ switch, so i requets power injector from my client. But those power injector provided by my client initialy was used by IAP 105, i found that IAP 225 require 30watt to power up but the power injector i got from my client only 15watt. But those 4 IAP still able to power up.


Issue i encounter:

Among that 4 IAP, one of the IAP is master, in virtual controller, there are 3 SSID configured.

 -Staff (Vlan 3, ip helper to dhcp server)

 -Teacher(Vlan 8, ip helper to dhcp server)

 -Guest(Vlan 16, using local dhcp from virtual controller)

 For staff and teacher ssid work fine but when i try to connect guest, I found that i cant get          any ip address. Possible the power injector affect the IAP performance? So it unable to provide IP address? 


P/S: I tried before if the master was connected to POE+ switch, i able to connect to guest and         also able to get IP address. 






Re: Inquiry about Power Injector

IAP-225 is capable of working on 802.11af (poe), it will be limited to 1x3 MIMO instead of the full 3x3 MIMO that it is capable of.

As for you DHCP issues, i don't think power issues will cause your clients from not getting an IP address.

Can you post your configuration?
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Re: Inquiry about Power Injector

Hi, Basically i use GUI to configure all the setting, sorry i still new to this. May i know which specific configuration i need to post out? Thanks Regards, yjkoh
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