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Installation height IAP

Hi there,


which is the ideal height for the installation of IAP?


thanx again

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Re: Installation height IAP

What model are you using? what is the height of the ceiling? What is the environment - offices or warehouses with high racking?

As a rough guide the higher you mount the AP the larger the coverage area and the more likely the coverage will be if there are high obstacles.

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Re: Installation height IAP

I've found the higher the better as there is less obstruction from desks.

On a two storey building, we have instaleld one AP on the ceiling of the ground floor and this covers both floors within the radius of the signal.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Installation height IAP

the model is iap 105, there are offices (ceiling 2,7 meters height), warehouse with low obstacles (desk,low racking)

The second part of your anwser, i made it clear ideas.



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