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Instant 27x AP with Ethernet Bridging

Hello All,


Can anybody confirm whether Ethernet0 bridging is supposed to work/be-supported on IAP-27x APs?

In this case, I'm running code


What we're trying to achieve is a portal/point setup, with a P2P wired bridge link over the top. This will connect a remote office with a little switch back to the main network. I've already configured/covered-off;

1. Initial AP-clustering

2. Setting external radio-gains

3. Disabling "instant" SSID.

4. Set a PSK SSID (I assume the mesh-link uses this, god know how it works this out in the software, what happens if you put multiple SSIDs in etc)

5. Disabling extend-ssid.


What I've found, is that the remote end AP works fine, as far as operating as a mesh-point (connected to the portal) is concerned, BEFORE trying to use the Ethernet0 for any reason.


As soon as I enable Eth0 bridging on the remote point, it renders it completely inoperative (symptoms below). Any thoughts?


1. Disconnected from portal (no mesh link shows).

2. "show port status" shows admin "down" on eth0.

3. "setenv enet0_bridging 1" is in the apboot settings.

4. Config looks as per below, which is clearly broken, as before enabling the bridging, the PSK SSID is in there.


POINT1# sho run
virtual-controller-country GB
virtual-controller-key e3509da8010f152fb7f8abe895a4b92f274cbadb5a03867e61
name instant-C0:24:A0
clock timezone none 00 00
rf-band all

 wide-bands 5ghz
 min-tx-power 18
 max-tx-power 127
 band-steering-mode prefer-5ghz
 air-time-fairness-mode default-access

syslog-level warn ap-debug
syslog-level warn network
syslog-level warn security
syslog-level warn system
syslog-level warn user
syslog-level warn user-debug
syslog-level warn wireless

auth-survivability cache-time-out 24

wlan external-captive-portal
 server localhost
 port 80
 url "/"
 auth-text "Authenticated"

blacklist-time 3600
auth-failure-blacklist-time 3600

 wireless-containment none

 enforce none
 failover-internet-pkt-lost-cnt 10
 failover-internet-pkt-send-freq 30
 failover-vpn-timeout 180


airgroupservice airplay
 description AirPlay

airgroupservice airprint
 description AirPrint


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)

Re: Instant 27x AP with Ethernet Bridging

What is the entire IAP OS version?


I don't see the whole config for each side, but see if the attached helps and if you see anything missing on your end. Usually the main thing is to disable the extended SSID and create a dummy client SSID to keep the APs from resetting to default (when the APs reboot if there is no client ssid, they will default). 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Instant 27x AP with Ethernet Bridging

Thanks for the input. Was helpful.

All sorted now (had multiple problems too complex to type up now).


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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