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Instant AP DNS

I have been looking at one of Instant deployments and have noticed that although we are not specifying a DHCP address for virtual controller assigned client, they are using the default scope. My question is - what DNS server address are the clients using? they must be getting one from somewhere (CP redirect is working) - can they pick up an address other than via DHCP or can smart devices have a default. The are guest clients so probably using iPads etc.

Re: Instant AP DNS

If no DNS entry is specified, the clients will use the DNS server the IAP VC obtained from DHCP.

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Re: Instant AP DNS

Most of our customers have static addresses including this one, we have specified a static DNS address for the IAP so assume its inherited by the client. If nothing was specified I guess that would be a problem?

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Re: Instant AP DNS

If the IAP is configured using a static DNS address then the client will also inherit that DNS address by default.
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