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Instant AP Deployment with Layer-3 Mobility

Hello All,


I'm looking at deploying an Instant AP Network with Layer-3 Mobility. This means I will end up setting up a Mobility Domain with at least 4 Instant Networks (based on this Customer has 4 Floors setup with Multiple VLANs).


I know that the Instant APs can be setup using the Auto Join feature of which they will then get their configuration and download their firmware from the Virtual Controller.


Now based on the fact that we have 4 separate VLANs, from the User Guide, it seems I will have 4 Virtual Controllers (1 per Floor).

Is this correct? And if so, will I have to then manually elect 3 other IAPs as Virtual Controllers? Since I guess the first one I bring up could potentially be the Virtual Controller or is this dynamically elected?


Secondly, are IAPs setup by default to get an IP Address from a DHCP Server? If not, doesn't that mean I have to manually configure the IAPs to get an IP Address via DHCP.





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Re: Instant AP Deployment with Layer-3 Mobility

The iaps in single vlan will elect the VC automatically. First choice will be an IAP with USB (for  3g/4g fallback), second choice for the automatic election will be an IAP with static IP.

Step 1:

So if you configure 1 AP per floor (subnet) with static IP, that will automatically be the VC.

Step 2:

All IAP's are by default DHCP clients so just place the AP's and you are good to go.

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Re: Instant AP Deployment with Layer-3 Mobility

Thanks Johan,


So can each VC per Floor have a separate configuration?


And then the IAPs per Floor reference their Local VC for their configuration



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