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Instant AP upgrade recommendation

We're currently running firmware version on our IAP-305s and -315s (we also have one -225). Just received a security advisory that indicates issues are resolved in firmware rev; however, when checking for updates via the VC, the new version displayed is Is there a recommendation on which of these we should go to from where we currently are?

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation and are available on ASP.


Make sure you choose instant in the product listing.


This should get your IAP's patched.


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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Is it possible to upgrade the IAPs one at time or in groups? Or do you have to do the whole cluster at once?

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Probably best to check in with your Aruba SE or TAC for definitive answer on that. I believe uprades can be done individually - not sure about groups - using the CLI; however, I can't speak from experience. The way our WLANs are set up is that we have one virtual controller per building and the building is one cluster. Whenever we do upgrades, we upgrade the entire cluster. We always used to use the web GUI for that, but I've since discovered that it's very easy and seems to be much quicker to do it using AirWave, if you have that.

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

You always need to upgrade the whole cluster. In fact, If you upgrade the VC, all other AP's are upgraded simultaneously. 

As you have different AP's models in the cluster you should use airWave for the upgrade, as AirWave makes sure that every AP is getting the correct firmware image. 

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Nobody answered the original question, which was, curently running version 6.5.x, a notification comes out to say it is fixed in 6.5.y, yet when a check for updates is done in the VC, it says that 8.3.x is available.


Should you upgrade to the 8.3.x version or stick with the 6.5.y train? what are the pluses/minuses of either option.


For me, I know that if I go to 8.3.x my 205H will no longer work, but as I don't use that one, it is not too big a deal for me, but if I upgrade the rest of my APs, what are the potential issues that may arise? 



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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Stick with the 6.5.x train if you only want bug fixes.  Go to the 8.3.x.x train if you want more features, but that also introduces unfamiliarity and potential bugs, some which are outlined in the 8.3.x release notes.

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Thanks for the recommendation. I stuck with Seems good so far. 

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Re: Instant AP upgrade recommendation

Thanks - we did the upgrade using

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