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Instant APs / Controller - Syslog - Alert when AP is down

I've setup an instant cluster/virtual controller and I am playing around with trying to get email alerts when an IAP goes down. Once I got over the shock that this wasn't built-in I tried going the syslog route.


So a syslog server is up and running and I've pointed the IAP controller to that IP address and left the Syslog level to the default "Normal" in the Virtual Controller under System > Monitoring.


My syslog monitor is capturing a bunch of other logs but not a single indication when I test unplugging an IAP. I wait for the alert to be triggered in the virtual controller and go back and look at my syslog. Again...a bunch of other logs but not the one I actually need.


Am I missing something or is this the proper result I should expect?



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Re: Instant APs / Controller - Syslog - Alert when AP is down

Try increasing the syslog level to informational.

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