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Instant Bandwidth contract - how to excluded network?

Is it possible to apply a bandwidth contrat per role with a "whitelist bandwidth contract"?

Example: the role "student" have a bandwidth contract of 10mpbs upstream and downstream but we want to give full bandwidth to all internal network like So only internet traffic will be limited to 10mbps. 


We can add a rule to permit or block specific network but is there a way to exclude this network from the bandwidth contract?


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Re: Instant Bandwidth contract - how to excluded network?

No. The bandwidth contract is applied to the role, so students and teachers could have different bandwidth contracts based on being in different roles, but all traffic in the role limited by the contract in place.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: Instant Bandwidth contract - how to excluded network?

Ok thanks! I understand that bandwidth contract doesn't support network exclusion (or network whitelisting).


So since we can't do what we want directly with Aruba Instant, we end up with assigning differents VLANs base on the users roles and do trafic limiting with the external firewall for each of those vlans.

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