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Instant CaptivePortal TinyProxy error 500 with iOS devices

We have an external server hosting the captive portal web page. It's running over IIS. But when I try to connect with iOS devices I get a TinyProxy 500 error message (see attached screenshot). I dont have thie behavior while connecting with Android or PC.


The only way I found to make our Instant CP working with iOS is to permit the Internet access from the Management Vlan of the Instant AP (the vlan used to manage instant (not the vlan use to provide Internet access to end user on the wireless side). Because when an iOS device first associate to an AP, it does send an HTTP GET to in order to automatically kick the captive portal if there is one.


But doing this disable that nice Apple feature that kick in the captive-portal as soon as a user associate itself to the AP. Instead, the user must associate to the SSID, then start Safari and try to browse a web site.


InstantCaptivePortal on iOS.PNG


We would like to keep that feature. But to do it, Instant AP must not be able to access website.


Any idea ?

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