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Instant Issues with Macs

Okay sadly i got a client with alcatel Instants APS

I say sadly because i cannot upgrade the Code version
 for now i got the lastest code avalaible


The clients just the MACS  they get randomly disconnect... just like it... windows clients... fine.. but the macbooks they just get disconnected...

I see the Mac  device on the list of clients and in the mac  he see himself as connected but he cannot ping or do anything....


If anyone can help or if its a known bug please tell me... the alcatel support will not really help me...

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Re: Instant Issues with Macs

What do you see in the logs? Can you also check the logs within OS X, they are in the "Console" application.

How do the users authenticate, PSK, dot1x etc?



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Re: Instant Issues with Macs

They authenticate using  a simple PSK... they do not have a radius server or anything like it for 802.1x..

About the logs in the console of mac well i really dont know how to see that as im not a mac user...


Ill look for that console app next time...

They report me that and well i was just there for like 30 minutes so i couldnt see that much... on monday i will stay more to analyze it even more... but i feel its like a bug becasue i got other instants(aruba ones) with the lastest firmwares and noone ever reported me that.... and i know the user is telling em the truth i saw it happen once when i was there...


Ill try to upgrade it to the lastest firmware... i was provided by aruba witth the lastest firmware but the alcatel verion one..... i dont know for some reason alcatel has not posted like 4 revisions in their site... but well ill try that first if that doesnt work then ill start looking at debugs and all that

Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Instant Issues with Macs

You should have a really simple condition in the rule  like NAS port type Wireless


Thats all you should need in there...


Do you have that in your connection request rule?




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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