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Instant Magic VLAN - traffic flow

Hi everyone,


From all the documentation I've seen, when using Aruba Instant and the Virtual Controller Assigned VLAN (magic vlan 3333), the traffic is always NATted out of the Virtual Controller IP address.

If you use the DHCP scope with option Local, L3, the traffic is routed out of the Virtual Controller IP address.

My question is, how is traffic sent from the other APs in the cluster to the VC? Is it tunneled? If so, using what VLAN/protocol? GRE?





Re: Instant Magic VLAN - traffic flow

no there is no tunneling between IAPs in the cluster and the VC.

basic L2 connectivity ensures the user traffic gets to the VC depending  on which IAP is the VC, it will respond to the ARP request.

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