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Instant OS Centaurus and Taurus

I looked on the support site for the latest version of Instant OS for the IAP-215 and IAP-205. In my search I could only find an early availability release of firmware for both platforms (Release Before release what is the most recent release of Instant OS for the IAP-215 and IAP-205? Why does there appear to be such a lapse in releases for these two platforms?

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Re: Instant OS Centaurus and Taurus

According to the release notes:


"Features and Enhancements
The following are the features and enhancements introduced in the release.
Support for New Access Points
In the release, Instant software is introduced on the IAP-200 series and IAP-210 series devices."

 There is no public release before for the IAP 215 (IAP-210 series) and IAP-205 (IAP-200 series).  

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Re: Instant OS Centaurus and Taurus

Thanks. This helps. We are in the process of moving from the 802.11n platform to the 802.11ac platform. Although there currently on use case to have 802.11n access points in the same cluster as 802.11ac access points, I wanted to inform folks internal to my company that access points on the same cluster should run the same version of firmware. In the event an IAP-205 or IAP-215 are inserted into a WLAN to has 802.11n access points, those 802.11n access points should be upgraded to the firmware version of the IAP-205 or IAP-215. This would also apply if an IAP-103 was inserted into an older 802.11n access point.

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