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Instant OS - arm rf-summary

Dear Community,


I'm currently trying to find some documentation / info regarding the CLI output of "show ap arm rf-summary" in the Instant OS context.


From the info I collected and what I can observe in the CLI compared with the GUI I conclude the following:

-Q is the quality index of the channel

-N is the noise floor of the channel

-U is the channel utilization of that specific channel.

-Also each "column" of the output reflect 10s of time. I guess the value displayed for 10s is an average and not a Max/Min value.


Next to that I have no idea what the c / s / R value reference to.

Globally if someone has more info regarding this I'm really interested, also don't hesitate to correct me if my "assumptions" above are wrong.




Best regards

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Re: Instant OS - arm rf-summary

I don't know the answers to all of your questions, but it seems that your RF utilization is going to 99% in the middle, which suggests severe non-wifi interference.  Is this the only AP that this is happening to?  How often does it happen?  The suggestion would be to turn the IAP into a spectrum monitor to see if it could identify the source of interference:

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