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Instant QoS queues and UCC stats

Hi all,


I've been looking through the Instant CLI and GUI, and the Aruba Central GUI, and I can't see anything equivalent to the "show ucc call-info cdrs" command, for example.


Is there any way to see UCC stats, QoS/WMM queues, etc?


Re: Instant QoS queues and UCC stats

Generally, IAP can manage with Aruba Central and Airwave.


It requires AMON to see that data in AirWave, AMON is not supported yet on the IAPs. I am not sure that you can see IAP UCC info in Airwave.


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Re: Instant QoS queues and UCC stats

Hi All


I am running Instant IAP207 on, with Airwave


I have Clarity data coming into Airwave from the IAP, however do not appear to be able to get UCC stats.


Does anybody know if IAPs support (or are planned to support) feeding Airwave with UCC call stats?

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