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Instant RAP-3WN convert to RAP

Hi all -


I have a RAP-3WN that I wanted to convert to a RAP on my network - but looks like I need a different software version for the controller - I'm currently running I see that is under early release and am still reading the release notes on it  - but wanted to see if that is my only choice for getting this up and running - and if so - when will it go into full release? (I'm hesitant because my network span 11 offices world wide - I would hate to take them all down and break them just to get this one RAP up and running)


Controller: 3200


APs: 105's, rap-5WNs, rap-2WNs and one rap-3wn


Please let me know if you have any questions



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Re: Instant RAP-3WN convert to RAP

You will have to call TAC to obtain or upgrade to 6.2.x inorder for the controller to support the RAP3.

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Re: Instant RAP-3WN convert to RAP

OK - thank you for the confirmation - I'll get in touch with TAC in the AM.



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Re: Instant RAP-3WN convert to RAP

Between the "Technology Release" and the 6.2 "Early Deployment" I would go with 6.2.   The version was based off an earlier build of 6.1.  There have been a number of stability related issues addressed in 6.2 that were not addressed in the version as this specific version was short lived.


6.2 should become GA in February.

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