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Instant RAP3-WN rebooting every 20 minutes

Hi all,


I have a IAP-3WN managed by an airwave server. I previously used airwave to upgrade the image of the IAP, which succeeded.

However, since this time, the IAP-3WN keeps on rebooting every 20 minutes or so.

From the console I receive the message


AP rebooted Thu Jan 23 13:50:05 UTC 2014; Image Download Failed.


each time the IAP comes back up.

This is strange, because the image already has been downloaded and also shows up correctly to be installed according to boot messages and also according to "show image version": 


00:0b:86:8f:07:0b# show image version

Primary Partition Build Time :2014-01-16 22:51:15 PST
Primary Partition Build Version :
Backup Partition Build Time :2013-12-10 19:26:30 IST
Backup Partition Build Version :
AP Images Classes


On airwave server, there is no further image upgrade job in the queue.


I'm using firmware for the IAP3 and airwave version 7.7.6


Thanks for any hint in this matter!

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Re: Instant RAP3-WN rebooting every 20 minutes

Does the Firmware Upgrade job say that its successful in Airwave?  Remove the Firmware Job.  It is quite possible that Airwave is not detecting the upgrade properly.

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Re: Instant RAP3-WN rebooting every 20 minutes

Actually Airwave states, that the job was successful and that is was deleted:

Thu Jan 23 02:18:11 2014: Starting a pass for Firmware upgrade job
Thu Jan 23 02:18:11 2014: Job finished, deleting Firmware upgrade job

And in the firmware upgrade page it shows:



Re: Instant RAP3-WN rebooting every 20 minutes

Try upgrading Airwave to 7.7.8...

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