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Instant Upgrade to ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-4.0.0

Hi everyone,



Lately I have tried upgrade Instant APs to the latest version ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-4.0.0 but I faced an issue as all radio LEDs turned red and no SSIDs are advertised.


I am not sure if this is an issue with the OS it self but rolling back to the earlier version seems to solve the problem.



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Re: Instant Upgrade to ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-4.0.0

What is your regulatory domain?


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Re: Instant Upgrade to ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-4.0.0

I think it's KW as in Kuwait. [Mod note: removed spoiler formatting]

Re: Instant Upgrade to ArubaInstant_Orion_6.3.1.1-4.0.0

red? the lighs on the bgn and an should be green or orange.

If they are orange after the upgrade its beacuse of the regulatory domain.

You have to change it to something like cananda

Check this out


Also check the regulatory compliance

Look for your country and the AP you using


If you see that your ap is not listed for your country, then that should be the issue... and thats why you need to change the coutnry to code to something liek cananda





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