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Instant and Src NAT issue

I am having the following problem I hope someone can help with.  I have an IAP that has 1 untagged and 1 tagged vlan to it.  The IAP/VC is in the untagged vlan and the SSID uses the tagged vlan.  The SSID has an external captive portal pointed to clearpass.  I have a pre-auth role for the SSID that re-directs to the captive portal.  I also have a rule in the pre-auth role that says to src nat the traffic to the clearpass server when using https.  If I use the IP address of clearpass in the external captive portal profile everything works normally, however; if i try to use the fqdn to fix certificate errors it will not work.  I can ping CPPM via hostname.  When I look on my firewall the https traffic is not being source natted.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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