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Instant no ARP replies

Hi Airheads,


I've got a single AP-505 running in Instant mode - there is an ongoing, intermittent issue I have with ARP replies.


Basically a client will get into a 'No Internet' state, where it is associated to the AP but does not receive ARP replies.


I've verified from a wireless PCAP that these are in-fact being sent by the AP, but they are never received by the client (Wifi interface PCAP).


It happens with a MacBook, old Intel-N based client and newer Intel-AC flavour clients as well. All other devices work while one has an issue, and DHCP DORA still works properly for the broken client, just not ARP.


The only way to recover from this is by power cycling the AP. Rebooting the client does not resolve the issue.


I have broadcast filtering set to 'disable' on the SSID.

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Re: Instant no ARP replies

What version of the Instant-OS are you running?



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Re: Instant no ARP replies

Running, been an issue since
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Re: Instant no ARP replies

Please work with Aruba support as this is unlikely to be solved via the forum.


Especially if it is reproducable, please contact Aruba support for deep investigation.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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