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Instant not working correctly

Question for someone.  After i have installed Aruba Central.  Now my Aruba Instant is not working correctly.  It will not allow me to add a new SSID, or configure the AP.  It only allows me to monitor my ssid.  The System icon to config is gone.  Just the maintenance, support and logout is available. Maintenance does allow me to do anything.  Can someone tell me why the instant features are gone?   


Thank you

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Re: Instant not working correctly

Hi Tbone,


When the IAP is connected AirWave in Read/Write mode or to Central, you can only configure the IAP using AirWave or Central. All local confgurations are gone and you can only monitor the IAP. So this is absolutly normal. 

You should login to central and configure your SSID's there. 


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Re: Instant not working correctly

You will need central to deploy and change configuration. Instant direct UI only for monitoring.

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Re: Instant not working correctly

Since the AP is connected to Central, all management and configuration is done through Central.


If you unassign the license from the AP in Central, you will revert back to local configutation on the AP.


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Re: Instant not working correctly

If you had configure central correctly, the configuration should be done on central, if you disconnect the internet connection to your instant, you should get back the normal instant screen which you are familar with.


Re: Instant not working correctly

( As you wrote , You added the IAP to Central So...) All config option are done by Central now.
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Re: Instant not working correctly

In case you want to build your configurations on IAP first and then import it to central, there is a feature called template based group. At the time of creating a group, you can set the group mode to template based. At this point, you build config on IAP, then, add it to central and then ask central to fetch config or just copy and paste that config from IAP show running output in to the template text area. This will make the central to use this tempalte config from this point onwards to push to IAP.


If you already have IAP in the group and actively managed by central, as previous posts said, you can un-assign license, then, you get the option to configure IAP from its GUI. You can build your configs, test them , and then add a new group with template mode and then paste IAP config here in this template.


Hope this helps. Its very flexible like airwave in this sense depending on your scenario.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Instant not working correctly

Thank all for the info and education on Instant and Central.  Now i finally understand.  All management is through Central.  

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Re: Instant not working correctly

What browser are you using ?

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Re: Instant not working correctly

Chrome? Should I be using different one?


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