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Instant with HP Sku

Hi Srs.

I´ve a question about a customer who has a different Instant AP (IAP-103, IAP-205, IAP-225) connected with a 1 (one) account of Aruba Central and they wants to know, if can associate instant HP sku with the same account.


This customer bought last week two Instant with the same description,  but different sku (HP SKU), JL184A and JL188A and wants to know if both acces point can associate with the original Aruba Central Account?? They can associate the license of Aruba Central with Instant HP SKUs.

He knows about the support (In the case of SKU products) they´ll called 1-800-HP. 




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Re: Instant with HP Sku

Yes, HP Instant products can be added to existing Aruba Central account, this needs to be done through the device listing process under device management - maximum 32 devices can be added thorugh this process.


This process is not valid for HP Cloud APs sold under OEM agreement, prior to the Aruba acquisition.


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