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Integration between Aruba IAP cluster and SAP R3

Dear Aruba Airheads Comunity,

Yesterday I configured a cluster of three Aruba access points in a company. The problem is that users can only access to the SAP R3 service that is hosted in a server from one of APs (IAP 305) but not from the others (IAPs 325). The error that is seen is "time out". I have done connectivity tests to the server from the computers of the users connected to the access points and from the access points through commands "ping" and "tracert" and there is no problem. 

I tried to change the port where the AP was connected and the problem persisted. Also, I also took the computers that does not have access to SAP R3  to the coverage area of another access point and these were connected succesfully. 

What could be happening?


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Re: Integration between Aruba IAP cluster and SAP R3

Hi guys, Will someone have an idea of ​​what may be happening? I need help with this topic. Thank you !! 

Re: Integration between Aruba IAP cluster and SAP R3

For time sensitive or critical issues, it's best to contact Aruba TAC for immediate assistance:


That said, if users are working when connected to one AP but not in another, take a look at the cluster and underlying networking to ensure consistency across the APs that should be in the cluster. 

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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